COVID-19 Cases at Boston Children Hospital April 2020

Dr Rajeev Nagpal

Data gathered from Boston Children's Hospital can provide some insight into the rate of COVID-19 infections among paediatric patients within the Boston metropolitan area. The graph below shows the number of hospitalisations and the number of cases requiring intensive care (ICU) over the course of roughly three weeks.

There is a point of divergence on April 26th, when the number of children in the ICU decreased, while the number of hospitalisations continued growing, indicating a break in their correlation.

The data also suggests, however, that while the absolute number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is fairly low, the fraction of cases requiring ICU care is relatively high.

The consistent number of cases may not give us a true picture of the entire paediatric population; obtaining data from additional hospitals will help to round out the picture.

Thanks@LeoPeBenito andStanislav SeltserPetacubefor the data analysis

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